Our team

Egor Osipov
The founder of “Khachapuri” didn’t stop there. Building on his success, he decided to open the restaurant “Odessa-Mama” and got his old partners from the bookmaking business involved.   The men love risk and therefore the restaurant business is for them. The bet paid off as everything is going well with Odessa-Mama. And after endless shashlik kebabs in Khachapuri they were all ready for some Black Sea fish.

Gideon and David Vainbaum
Gideon Vainbaum is a foreign investor into Odessa-Mama. He was involved in coming up with almost all the Jewish meals on the menu. Unfortunately, Gideon passed away in July 2014. In his memory we promise to work so well that Odessa-Mama will always be the best restaurant in the area, in Moscow and in the world. His son, David, has now become our partner.

Anna Shpak
Anna came up with the idea of Odessa-Mama. Now in her role as Managing Partner she promotes this wonderful timely project. She has other restaurants planned - and if Anna comes up with an idea, that idea will become a reality. There is no point arguing.

Tatyana Melnikova
Her underground nickname is “Mum”. She is the mother of three children and of our restaurant. Without her resolute approach we would not have opened the restaurant. She didn’t just fall in love with Odessa, she also understood the city, which is why our restaurant has turned out so successful. She infected her partners from the Khachapuri project with her optimism and so, once again relying on her, they embarked on a risky voyage. But Tatyana is an experienced strategist and her projects are always interesting and current. So the risk paid off and everything is only getting better.

Sergei Kanaev
New partner and co-owner of Odessa-Mama. The bookmaking business induced little excitement and so Sergei decided to dive into the depths of the Moscow catering world. Now he bobs on the waves of Odessa-Mama’s glory.

Sergei Grinev
New partner and co-owner of Odessa-Mama. The bookmaking business did not have enough risks for him so Sergei decided to made a bid for the restaurant. As a new restaurateur on the scene, he is very pleased with Odessa-Mama. He wants to expands its network across Moscow and the world.

Maxim Voznyakov
Maxim is not just Director of Odessa-Mama, but also Managing Partner. He has coped so well with the new project, that there has been a buzz in the restaurant since the first day.

Olga Bubenko
Olga Petrovna Bubenko is the Head Chef of Odessa-Mama. Her main specialities are sardines and Vareniky dumplings. She worked in Novikov’s Gallery restaurant, but her Ukrainian roots and a happy coincidence led her to the Odessa-Mama kitchen. Our chef copes equally well with different responsibilities: commanding a large team, coming up with new dishes for the Odessa maneur and preparing one hundred portions of forshmak a day.

Our friends